8th July 2020
' Nominations Open '
6th August 2020
' Nominations Close '
14th October 2020
' Shortlist Announced '
4th December 2020
' Awards Ceremony '

The Advancing Gender Equality Award

An award for an individual, team, group or network initiating and leading action to remove barriers and improve the working experience and engagement levels of employees, or demonstrating excellence in the delivery of services to all genders. Nominations should indicate how the nominee meets one or more of the following criteria:
Lead Element:

  • Leads positive actions or interventions to enable talented employees of all genders to realise their full potential. 

Other Criteria:

  • Acts as a role model, sponsor or ally in championing gender equality.
  • Creates an inclusive culture by challenging gender inequalities, barriers, bias in the application of policy. For example: inclusive recruitment, talent development, performance management, career development and promotion, or in customer service delivery.
  •  Can demonstrate the impact of, and positive outcomes from, an intersectional approach (viewing personal demographics such as age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social mobility, disability and gender in combination instead of in isolation).
  • Can demonstrate positive outcomes arising from their interventions for individuals and the organisation, and can demonstrate the potential for scaling up or demonstrating initiatives for other parts of the Civil Service. 
  • Takes steps to eliminate or reduce incidents of bullying, harassment or discrimination against employees or service users of all genders. 
  •  Applies evidence and customer insight to tackle issues effectively to improve service user experience.