8th July 2020
' Nominations Open '
6th August 2020
' Nominations Close '
14th October 2020
' Shortlist Announced '
4th December 2020
' Awards Ceremony '

The Brilliant Team Contribution Award - NEW

An award for an individual, team, group or network (but is not limited to) initiating and leading action(s) to remove barriers, improve the working experience and engagement levels of employees and create an environment where individuals feel a sense of belonging, can be their authentic selves, and feel that they have a voice in their teams and organisations, or demonstrating excellence in the delivery of services to employees. Nominations should indicate how the nominee meets one or more of the following criteria:

Lead Element:

  • Can demonstrate impact as a team arising from their inclusive behaviour interventions for individuals and the organisation, and can demonstrate the potential for scaling up or demonstrating initiatives for other parts of the Civil Service. 

Other Criteria:

  • Can demonstrate that the achievement has gone above and beyond the normal role. 
  • Can demonstrate the impact of, and positive outcomes from, an intersectional approach (viewing personal demographics such as age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, social mobility, disability and gender in combination instead of in isolation).
  • The whole team has demonstrated voice, belonging and authenticity. 
  • Doing things differently by incorporating D&I values and behaviours in the way that they work which results in a positive impact on organisational culture.
  • Can demonstrate that initiative or new practice(s) leave a lasting legacy.