1st April 2019
' Nominations Open '
3rd May 2019
' Nominations Close '
31st July 2019
' Shortlist Announced '
4th October 2019
' Awards Ceremony '

Aspire Development scheme, Working Age Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions

Preeta Ramachandran & Asha Kamal

This development offer was designed to include self-awareness sessions, action learning sets, mentoring and formal learning. There are 21 participants on the programme who are a rich diversity mix of grade, gender and business area representation. Each of the participants have been matched with a mentor who is outside of their line management. This was to provide a support system tailored to the participants needs, helping them to focus on achievable aspirations and being supported to achieve their goals.

A monthly meeting is held and Inspirational Speakers have attended to discuss their journey. To be innovative we have found speakers from various Civil Service Departments ranging from SEO to SCS, not just from the Department for Work and Pensions. We are trying to ensure the learning and development the participants receive on the programme is bespoke preparing them for progression. The training they have received so far has helped them develop effective personal development plans and prepared the participants for competency and strength based recruitment. They have received training on challenging self-imposed barriers to success and greater confidence in the ability to communicate effectively and with impact. They have been shown how to build a powerful personal brand and learnt how to set goals and objectives.

The feedback from the participants has been extremely positive, they believe being a part of this programme has increased their confidence levels and sense of self-worth by having time and attention being devoted to their needs and demonstrating their value within the organisation. The majority of participants are actively searching for suitable roles to progress and two participants have already achieved promotion as a result of this with others actively seeking promotion and additional opportunities to develop their careers.