Charlotte Dring

Charlotte Dring - social mobility award

The impact of Charlotte’s leadership was shown in the growth of the Cross Government Social Mobility Network from zero to 130 members and 10 new social mobility networks in Departments, in just over a year. Charlotte exudes passion for social mobility, and as a volunteer, has worked incredibly hard to build a sustainable network which she handed over to a new lead, and continues to mentor her successor.

Under Charlotte’s leadership, a northern hub of the Cross Government Social Mobility Network was created called Nexus, to join together social mobility networks in the north and recognise the importance of not being London centric. This is a triumph to Charlotte’s leadership and the volunteers she worked with.

Following Charlotte’s first blog on social mobility, there were 65 comments on the blog which is much more than other blogs.
Charlotte has really raised the profile of Social Mobility, initially via her blog, speaking at conferences and launch events of networks. There has since been a number of social mobility blogs written and the network is thriving in it’s second year.

Following SCS Basecamp where Charlotte was invited to speak, evaluation forms stated “…the most powerful element of any training event I have attended. So impactful. Wonderful speakers. Admire them so much and brings home all the theory of inclusivity so strongly”. Another stated “The excellent input from the pre dinner speakers on their personal struggles with inclusion and how we as SCS can make crucial differences to people in our teams in making them feel safe and included at work”.