Compass Network

Compass Network

Compass aims to ensure the Naval Service is inclusive of all sexual orientations and gender identities, ensuring our people feel comfortable, valued and empowered to be themselves, realising their career potential and as a result maximising OpCap.

It provides peer support from members including our active allies network, with lanyards and email signatures used to demonstrate proud and visible membership. The network provides a dedicated confidential support email address.

Compass uses a closed facebook group and regular emails to keep members informed on events; an annual conference and forums are used to discuss issues including gender identity, mental health and same-sex adoption, working closely with partners from Defence, Public and Charitable sectors to support these events.

Compass is a Pride in Public foundling member, a consortium of public sector networks, and shares its experience on numerous events both with the Public and private sectors, this includes internationally Defense Engagement initiatives in Australia, Italy and USA in the last year; indeed the repeal of 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' in the US was a result of evidence provided by the network.

The network works closely with Navy Command and our senior advocate, to ensure positive impact on policy implementation, with recent examples of Defence's Future Accommodation Model and Pre-Exposure HIV Prophylaxis for Service Personnel.

The network has a wide-raging community engagemnet programme, participating in 16 prides annually along with other events including the LGBT History Month Out At Sea families day and Compass actively influences through social media. The network instigated the UK's first maritime pride event with other public organiations on the River Thames and gave LGBT+ young people a chance to experience life at sea on a warship. The network provide inspirational school talks and supports charitable work notably for a London refuge that supports LGBT+ victims of domestic violence.