1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Equal (1)

Equal saw the introduction of the new attendance management policy as an opportunity to remind everyone of the routes available and invited our new occupation health providers to their conference and talk through the services they provide.This was really useful as colleagues learnt how they can utilise occupational health upon their return to work after a sickness absence.

By inviting HR to deliver the new policy during the conference, enabled colleagues to voice their concerns, engage with HR, seek clarity and hear from other peoples experiences. This approach significantly encouraged a successful delivery of the new policy at HSE.

By being pro active, Equal was able to offer assurance to colleagues, support for line managers whilst also embedding the new policy for HSE.

The SCS2 Director directly invited Equal to be part of the business user group in preparation for the move to hot desk-ing. Equal contributed to designing and creating the principles as to how hot desk-ing would work. This reflects the high regard in which the network is held.

Practical, innovative suggestions for workplace adjustments and how they could be accommodated were made and incorporated into the policy. For example, moveable sinks where required as opposed to all kitchens thus saving cost.

Equal chose to offer 1-1 drop in sessions for those worried by such a radical move, putting themselves in the front line for challenge. Equal ensured they were fully informed and able to deal with the issues calmly and constructively. HR itself moved to hot desking with a variety of adjustments but thanks to Equals sound advice in the early stages no issues arose.

Equal are strongly positioned at HSE as the go to people for colleague concerns and when the business seeks support.