1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Hastings Movement to Work Team

Hastings Movement to Work Team

Social mobility through education and personal development

Cross Departmental collaboration, Social Mobility, moving people out of poverty, and developing opportunity for all. Movement to Work really does hit the spot.

CMG Southeast were tasked with running two MTW programmes for up to 20 people.
We engaged with JCP work coaches and employment advisors on our likely audience and how to generate interest. Jointly we held open house sessions with 54 potential delegates and then interviewed interested parties to test their commitment. So far we have run 4 courses to 38 delegates moving 11 people into work.

Although MTW is targeted at 18 – 30, it became apparent through our engagement that the need for this programme is at all ages, so we questioned why would we would not open it up to anyone who felt they needed support? As a result we opened our doors to all and in they came. People re-starting their career, looking for a change because `at my age I simply cant work in construction any longer but still have something to give’, trying to understand the current job market or coming out of a life changing event – we really did see a lot of what life challenges can look like, and the personal impact that can fall out of those changes, in terms of both confidence and perceived capability.
A diverse range of characters filled the programme, from ex Company Directors to people that had not yet started there working journey, and conversely, those who were nearing the later stage of their working life, and were lost. Lack of self belief was frequently demonstrated to be a crippling impediment. Taking that on board, we tailored our course accordingly, with a set of challenging objectives but the main one, above all what simply to make a difference.