1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Jaz Deo

Jaz Deo (v2)

A recent Workplace Wellbeing Charter assessed the work Jaz carried out and awarded OPG ‘Achieved’ in the Mental Health category. The report noted the project used “a holistic approach and demonstrated the implementation of innovative initiatives to increase positive mental health for its employees…. Through interviews staff felt they had a good relationship with their manager and could discuss any issues….one of the interviewees said the MWAH board “is incredible”.

All staff in OPG have been offered access to the MWAH board. 454 staff have joined and benefitted from the MWAH board be either signposting staff or taking better care of themselves.

So far 95 managers have attended the Mental Health toolkit training delivered by Jaz. The topics covered in the session were OPG’s and MoJ’s priorities, toolkit, signs to look out for, WAP form, having difficult conversations and the MWAH board. 99% of the feedback received stated they feel a lot more confident with providing support and signposting them to the relevant agency. The 95 managers will be able to support their team members which covers 80% of the workforce.

Jaz procured training for 5 OPG staff to be trained as Mental Health First Aiders. She also delivered training to 9 Mental Health Allies. This has enabled the MHFA and Allies to provide support to over 1300 staff members. Since introducing the Allies in February, MHFA and the Allies have intervened 66 times providing support and guidance to staff and managers.

Staff have also become receptive with clearing their mind using/learning mindfulness and meditation techniques organised by Jaz. 26 have attended mindfulness and 79 attended meditation sessions. All of who have completed evaluation forms provided positive feedback about their experience and how they can use it on a daily basis.