1st April 2019
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3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
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4th October 2019
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Joint effort between, HO Ministerial Private Office and The NETWORK

HO Ministerial Private Office and The NETWORK (1)

We can now evidence an increase in the amount of BAME staff applying for Private Office roles in the Home Office (in some recruitment campaigns, two out of three of the applicants have been BAME) producing increased intake of successful BAME appointees in Private Office to almost 50%, with the impact of increased diversity in approach and thought in a key government decision making at the highest level.

This is the first part of the Home Office to use Positive Action statements and independent panel members in every recruitment campaign. We have a case study example from a BAME Female who was based in another Government department and seeking a new challenge. Having seen the role with the positive action statement, she was encouraged to apply, as this “was the first time I had ever seen a positive action statement used in a civil service role”. She applied for this and other posts, and achieved interviews for both, however the non-IPM interview she said she felt uncomfortable due to the panel both being middle aged non-BAME men. Whilst at her Private Office interview she experienced a visibly diverse and mixed panel with IPMs. She stated she felt equally prepared for both however she felt she was put at ease in her Private Office panel as she could relate better and subsequently was offered and accepted the post. 

•Advertising and targeting the posts directly to the 4000 members of The NETWORK so they receive advertisements for Private Office roles first-hand
•Ensuring Diverse language is used in every advert by “editing the adverts through a diversity lens” by BAME staff
•Using positive action statements to actively encourage and boost applications from BAME staff