1st April 2019
' Nominations Open '
3rd May 2019
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31st July 2019
' Shortlist Announced '
4th October 2019
' Awards Ceremony '

MoJ Digital & Technology Normalising Group

MoJ Digital & Technology Normalising Group

We’ve measured our success through People Survey scores and demographic data.

We’ve increased representation of women from 25% to 32% of the directorate, 50% of Senior Civil Servants and 60% of the Senior Management Team, compared with 51% of the UK population.

We have recently hired a female Head of Development, our first female Senior Technical Architect and several female junior and mid-level developers.

Our LGBTQ* and allies community has grown from four members in London to over 30, including people from other government departments and other areas of the MoJ, and it now has a contingent in Sheffield.

Considering the MoJ Digital & Technology directorate is around 1000 people, we are very proud of these increases. We also achieved an ‘Inclusion and Fair Treatment’ score of 85% in the 2017 Civil Service People Survey, higher than the average for the MoJ and making Digital & Technology a high performing unit across the Civil Service. We know of at least two direct recruits through our activities at conferences, which we estimate to have saved us in excess of £40,000 per year compared with the cost of recruiting an interim contractor, due to their specialist skills.