Ofgem Women's Network

Ofgem Women's Network

Ofgem Women's Network - championing gender equality, diversity and inclusion within Ofgem and across the energy sector

Ofgem's Women's Network is a volunteer network led by Moira Nicolson and Amy OMahoney. The Network is dedicated to: 

- Identifying and progressing targeted policy changes within Ofgem (firm commitments/actions).

- Creating discussions around gender equality, and promoting a corporate culture of D&I.

- Promoting and championing gender equality across the wider energy sector.

We played a leading role in developing and launching Ofgem's first diversity strategy, committing us to targets and actions: https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2019/03/march_2019_diversity_...

Developing this Strategy is a major achievement, and has included working with internal diversity networks, driving discussions with Ofgem's senior leadership team and Board, identifying actions, and leading an industry launch event in March. The Women's Network took the lead driving action and delivering the Strategy. 

Other actions led by the Women's Network this year include: 

- Publically pledging to POWERful Women (industry group) to lead by example: “Ofgem has committed to a clear diversity and inclusion strategy with a range of specific measures to help us achieve our goal of 50% female representation across all its pay grades by 2025, from the most junior roles all the way up to Senior Civil Servant, with at least 9% being BAME women at each grade. In our dual role as an employer and a regulator, we are committed to promoting equality and diversity among our workforce, in the way we work, and in the industry we regulate.”

- Securing data/undertaking pay gap analysis at all Ofgem grades. 

- Leading deep dive analysis on parental leave, including interviews with returners and policy recommendations.

- Lobbying for diverse panels at Ofgem-led and Ofgem-attended events.

- Registering Ofgem with the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse.

- Building and maintaining an active Network. 

We are very proud of what we have achieved this year.