Sharon Madan

Sharon Madan


Sharon operates as a Work Coach for Glasgow Springburn Jobcentre. This jobcentres demographic has a high number of BAME. Due to the Customers language barriers Sharon delivers Employability English Sessions to the non-English Speaking Customers.  Sharon created a product which helps and supports the customers with their presentation skills.  The product contains easy to learn Greetings, Phrases, skills and colourful pictures which the customer learns and uses when they approach employers during their job searches. The product, which is a Power Point, was created by Sharon in her own time at home. Sharon demonstrates the use of Google translate, for customers with I phones/smart phones, to support customers during the initial learning.

She will then secure a 4-week Work Experience or Voluntary work placement for customers providing them with an insight into the world of work within the UK. Sharon creates CVs for customers and provides digital skills and support in relation to applying for jobs online. Sharon works with customers who claim Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit.  During this year 71% of customers referred to Sharon’s Employability English Sessions participated in a Work Experience or Voluntary work placement and 43% have been successful in gaining employment. These are positive steps towards helping the customer move closer to work and more importantly Sharon is providing the customer with the necessary tools to enable them to job search independently.

Moving forward Sharon has demonstrated these sessions and support to other Jobcentres within our District with similar demographics.  These Jobcentres have now rolled out this valuable support to their Non-English Speaking customers. In addition to this Sharon has showcased the support to local Councillors and MSPs who have visited  Glasgow Springburn Jobcentre allowing this unique service to reach the wider community. 

Sharon continues to deliver her Employability English Sessions for our customers where they will receive support to help them into work or prepare them to Job search independently.

As above, Sharon has identified a need to help a diverse caseload of customers some of which are refugees or have little understanding of English or how to look for and apply for work. 

She designed her won offering, within her own time and has been delivering this at no cost to the Department. She has involved other colleagues in doing this, such as at District Level. She acted on customer feedback and further changed what she was doing to ensure the customers were getting what they needed. She has also worked with employers to ensure that customers have gained a work experience. placement. 

She continues to run this module every 4 weeks, working with a diverse group of customers from any benefit. She has kept it open, offering help to those who need it.